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We work with a variety of lenders and mortgage brokers to meet your needs.
Some of the most popular programs we work with include:

FHA programs work well for first time home buyers because of its low down payment requirements (currently at 3.5%) and low credit score requirement 620
This government sponsored program works well for families who want to live in more rural areas. This program doesn’t require a down payment (0 down), and the credit score requirement is 640
This program works well for people who don’t have sufficient funds for a down payment and have a credit score above 680. Normally geared towards first time home buyers
This non-profit program works well for people that have no credit or poor credit and minimum savings. This program doesn’t have a down payment. It is extremely slow so requires LOTS of patience
These programs are designed for people who do not have a valid SSN or people that don’t have established credit but could demonstrate alternative credit. These programs normally require a minimum down payment of 5%
These programs are designed for people who want to purchase rental properties or for flips. Typically require 20% down and 720 minimum credit score.
These programs are available for veterans. The benefits are no down payment and low credit score requirements (normally 640 minimum)
These programs are normally used by people who can put 20% or more in down payment and are buying their second or third home. Credit score requirements are usually above 720 credit score

Here are some tools that could help you during your home purchase