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We use the same marketing tools that savvy marketing companies use to sell their products to use your home. The same way Coca Cola uses the 4 Ps of Marketing to sell Coke, we use the 4 Ps of Marketing to sell your home quickly in Raleigh Durham

Pricing your home correctly is an art and a science and the most important tool to ensure you fulfill your goal of selling your home. Most people interested in your home will take a look at it in the first 90 days. Price the house too high and you will lose potential showings. Price the home too low and you leave money on the table.

Our pricing strategies/principles include:

  • The market sets the price – Review comparable sales in the past 6 months to identify high and low price ranges as well as potential time to sell
  • Check competition and inventory levels to determine price entry point
  • Use price techniques that will trigger action from buyers
  • Review response on a regular basis to determine necessary price changes
The same way Coca Cola carefully reviews its product design and presentation, we review your home and propose value added recommendations to ensure you receive best response and offers
Coca-Cola ensures Coke is available everywhere you go. Since a home can’t be moved, we ensure the home is available in most websites where qualified buyers search for homes. We also make sure there are plenty of pictures, maps and information to attract buyers
We work with you to determine an optimal promotion strategy for your home including home warranties, gift cards, pricing levels, etc to generate more visits and offers. We also place signs, lock-boxes, flyers to help promote your home